Friday, October 16, 2020

Apple iPhone 13 is expected to launch in 2021

Apple iPhone 13 is expected to launch in  2021 

Apple iPhone 13 is expected to launch in late 2021 with a big divergence in technology and beautiful design with iPhone line. 

While still it officially not announced any launched date but  rumors about this phone have begun to ramp up as we get closer to the Apple iPhone 12 launch And internal decisions for future plans are beginning to solidify.

Some  Leaks about a device more than a year away should be taken skeptically, as iPhone design and features are usually not finalized until after the flagship release.

Apple iPhone 13 Features

When it comes to leaks and rumors for devices more than a year away, most of the information is derived from supply chain information and patents. Devices this early in development leak from inside Apple 

The same leak said the 2020 iPhone will feature a 64-megapixel shooter with a wide lens and 1x optical zoom (6x digital zoom), 40MP telephoto lens with 3x to 5x optical zoom (15-20x digital zoom), 40MP ultra-wide with 0.25x "optical reverse zoom," and a 40MP anamorphic lens sporting a 2.1:1 ratio.

The iPhone could gain a Promotion display in 2021 to optimize viewing content, but may necessitate the use of LTPO technology to keep the battery life under control.

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