1. Purpose and Principles:

Professional responsibility plays an important part in the compendium of design reports. The document must indicate that the mastermind carried out the design with the applicable care and judgement.

 The information in the report must thus be similar that a third party can review and estimate the design. likewise, the main purpose of a design must be reflected in the report,viz. that the requirements of the guests were interpreted rightly and that the chosen design meets the requirements. 

Another purpose of a design report is that it can serve as the base for after changes or advancements to the product. The report should enable the masterminds who take over any farther development to avoid reiteration of the design work preliminarily done. The ensuing sections give guidelines for the contents of design reports. All the aspects will be present in utmost design reports, although the position of detail will be determined by the circumstances.

 2. Assignment and Background 

• The developer’s assignment. All the applicable guests must be linked. 

• The compass/ boundaries/ extent of the design. Interfaces with other systems. 

• Time frame. 

• Design platoon.

 3. Specification 

• The specifications( engineering conditions) that the product had to satisfy.

 • A derivate of the specifications from the requirements of the customer( for illustration by QFD).

 • Comparison with contending products.

4. Concept Development 

• Indicate that all applicable aspects have been taken into consideration, for illustration by furnishing a functional analysis. Indicate that all reasonable generalities were considered.

 • give a well- motivated elimination and selection of generalities. bandy the most important selection factors and, if applicable, why other “ egregious ” generalities weren't named.Describe the named conception in terms of function and layout.

5. Analysis and/ or Testing of Performance 

• Prove that all the engineering conditions were met.

 • For each aspect − Explain the aspect that's to be considered; − Explain all hypotheticals, simplifications and approaches; − Use explicatory sketches( indicate the memos on these); − give the analysis or describe the test, as well as the results. 

• State conclusions explicitly, in other words, do the analysis or test indicate that the demand was met? 

• Also follow the guidelines for the attestation of computations, which are given in another excursus.

6. Specialized description of Product 

• give a complete description, for illustration set of assembly and detail delineations with bills of accoutrements .

 • give a precise description or specification of bought out factors or subsystems, including the supplier, roster number and main confines or main performance parameters( for illustration 3 kW induction motor).

 • give instructions for the entire life cycle of the product, for illustration assembly, conservation and disassembly.

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