Biology Multiple Choice Questions & Answer:Class-12

 Multiple Choice Questions & Answer: Class-XII Biology

Q.1.Perisperm is- 

    A. Degenerate  secondary nucleus 
    B.  Remnant   of nucleus 
    C. Peripheral part of endosperm 
    D. Degenerate    synergids 
ANSWER= B.Remnant of nucleus .


Q.2.Which of the following fruit is a case of parthenogenesis? ?

    A. Fruit without seeds after pollination  
    B. Fruit with seeds after pollination 
    C. Fruit with viable seeds without fertilization 
    D. Fruit with viable seeds after fertilization. 
ANSWER= A.Fruit without seeds after pollination .


Q.3.If  an  endosperm  cell  of  an  angiosperm  has  24  chromosomes,  the  root  cell  of  megaspore  mother  cell should have- 

    B. 16
    C. 4
    D. 24
ANSWER= B.16 .


Q.4.How many meiotic divisions are needed for forming 100 grains of wheat? 

ANSWER= A.100 .


Q.5.Which one of the following is a primary database that is used for Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) analysis of mass spectrometry data?

    A.The peripheral part of scutellum 
    B. The peripheral part of coleoptile 
    C. Cotyledons 
    D. The peripheral part of endosperm. 
ANSWER= D.The peripheral part of endosperm. .

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