Thor: Love and Thunder- full movie download

Thor: Love and Thunder- full movie download

Thor:love and thunder
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Releaseate: Friday 7 July 2022

According to some media Thor love and thunder movie sense leak on internet and goes viral.

Before watch the must read our reviews about Thor movie. 

 Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor while his ‘ Love ’ Natalie Portman debuts as potent Thor, but it’s Christian Bale who steals the ‘ Thunder ’. Thor returns for his fourth solo adventure with Thor Love and Thunder, piloted by Taika Waititi. The film follows the events of punishers windup with Thor recovering from Loki’s( Tom Hiddleston) death, disbanding of the punishers and chancing purpose in life as he travels through the world with the Guardians of the Galaxy. still, the God of Thunder’s run with the Guardians ends when he realises that a God botcher, formally known as Gorr the Butcher, is out taking down Gods from different worlds. 


 He soon learns that Asgard is Gorr’s coming target and Thor heads to cover them. still, he's surprised that a new Thor is in municipality — potent Thor( Natalie Portman) who's guarding everyone while he was down with the Guardians. The lady Thor( oops, sorry, she hates being called that) akaDr. Soon, potent Thor, Thor and Valkyrie unite to fight the Gorr. The film follows their trip to him and their battle with him. 

 While Thor Love and Thunder explores new homes with God and Goddess of Thunder and Gorr in hitch, the film does n’t live up to the prospects. The film is rested fully on convenience. The plots change as per the character’s convenience with several stories explored with just passing mentions 

Thor Love and Thunder is also nippy- paced in the first half. While it acts positive in the launch, getting the cult hooked from the word go, the pace becomes a problem when it does n’t allow you to invest in the stories unfolding. Their reunion also falls flat due to the pace. On the negative, the alternate half becomes a little drag when Thor and Jane’s love story becomes the focus. 

 On the acting front, Taika has conducted Thor’s funny side with the film yet again, much like Thor Ragnarok, it comes across silly in certain points of the first half. Chris follows Taika’s vision to the point but there's nothing new he's offering in the new Thor. On the other hand, Natalie breaks free from being just Thor’s girl to take the lead. She shines in several corridor of the film, especially when she's trying comedy and action. We need further of her in MCU. Tessa Thompson continues her emotional run as Valkyrie..

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