world population Day 2022: How to celebrate world population Day

World population Day: Monday ,11 July 2022

A world of eight billion: Towards a resilient future for all - Harnessing opportunities and guaranteeing rights and decisions for all"

the planet reached a population of seven billion. This year, the quantity can hit eight billion, prompting the attendant responses. Some can marvel at the advancements in health that have extended lifespans, reduced maternal mortality and kid mortality and given rise to immunogen development in record time. Others can tout technological innovations that have mitigated our lives and connected US over ever. Still others can herald gains in gender equality. 

But progress isn't universal, throwing difference into razor-sharp relief. girls area unit still dying in giving birth. Gender gaps stay entrenched. The digital divide leaves additional girls and people in developing countries offline. additional recently, COVID-19 vaccines stay inconsistently distributed. and therefore the same issues and challenges raised eleven years past stay or have worsened: temperature change, violence, discrimination. the planet reached a very grim milestone in May: over one hundred million forcibly displaced worldwide. 

Then there'll be alarmists claiming that the planet is on the verge of either calamitous population or ruinous population collapse. either side area unit possible to demand measures to curtail or induce increment. however engineering population numbers has not tried prosperous within the past. Rather, it solely serves to undermine human rights, as well as fruitful rights once girls area unit forced to own additional or fewer youngsters against their can or as a result of they don’t have access to the knowledge and services to assist them create that call, that flies within the face of the International Conference of Population and Development Programme of Action. 

For the primary time in history, we have a tendency to area unit seeing extreme diversity within the mean age of nations and therefore the fertility rates of populations. whereas the populations of a growing range of nations area unit ageing and regarding sixty per cent of the world’s population board countries with below-replacement fertility of two.1 youngsters per lady, alternative countries have large youth populations and continue to grow quickly. 

But focus ought to get on folks, not population. Reducing folks to numbers strips them of their humanity. rather than creating the numbers work for systems, create the systems work for the numbers by promoting the health and well-being of individuals. 

According to the international organisation Department of Economic and Social Affairs, “Even although the pace of worldwide increment can still decline within the returning decades, the planet population is probably going to be between twenty and thirty per cent larger in 2050 than in 2020. Having correct estimates of population trends and reliable forecasts of future changes, as well as for the scale of populations and their distributions by age, sex and geographical location, is needed for policy formulation and implementation and as a guide to help countries in following a path towards property development.”

If, as an example, fertility is falling, is it as a result of prospective folks worry regarding however they're going to offer for a family, realize cheap room or however occurring maternity leave may hamper a mother’s career trajectory? If fertility is rising, is it by alternative or as a result of girls don’t have information of or access to trendy contraception? ensuring most are counted will enable governments to raised assess desires|the requirements|the wants} of a dynamic  population and chart a surer path to addressing those needs for demographic resilience. 

In a perfect world, eight billion individuals suggests that eight billion opportunities for healthier societies authorized  properly and decisions. however the taking part in field isn't and has ne'er been even. supported gender, ethnicity, class, religion, sexual orientation, incapacity and origin, among different factors, too several area unit still exposed to discrimination, harassment and violence. we have a tendency to do ourselves no favors once neglecting those left behind.  

Let no communicator headline distract from the work on hand: investment in human and physical capital for comprehensive, productive societies that uphold human and fruitful rights. solely then will we have a tendency to tackle the large challenges facing our planet and forge a world wherever health, dignity and education area unit rights and realities, not privileges and empty guarantees. during a world of eight billion, there should be house for chance.


World Population Day is all about raising awareness of controlling the population , and the risks and consequences of a disproportionate population-to-resources ratio. 

*Educate yourself

There is a vast quantity of data out there concerning population problems, therefore use World Population Day to try and do some analysis. an excellent place to begin is with the world organisation Populations Fund, the lead UN agency for coping with population problems. we all know there's a large breadth of resources, therefore opt for many that basically interest you and take a deep dive into their issues and potential solutions.

*Then share that data along with your networks 

As we have a tendency to aforesaid earlier, if you reside in a very developed nation, you almost certainly aren’t that full of population problems, a minimum of in ways in which square measure visible in your daily life. which means your friends, family, and followers most likely aren’t, either. Use World Population Day to raise folks to possess a decent long suppose on these problems, and what they will do to assist. If you’re posting on social media, check that to hashtag it with #worldpopulationday.

*Donate to organizations centered on population problems

There square measure such a big amount of wonderful nonprofits and NGOs out there that do powerful work on population problems each single day, particularly within the developing world. They embrace organizations that educate girls concerning birth control and birth control, ones that facilitate folks elevate themselves out of poorness, and ones that facilitate refugees that have fled their homes as a result of environmental problems or human rights abuses. If you're in a position, realize ways in which to gift it slow and/or your cash to those heroic organizations.

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