Assistant Manager recruitments at MND Singapore

 Assistant Director/Manager, Organization Development

What the role is

You will be essential for a powerful group that reinforces MND as an organization.

 Design, oversee and execute intercessions to bring issues to light.

You will be essential for a more extensive group of people with skills across association and initiative turn of events.

 Interior correspondences, vital HR, HR investigation and capacity improvement.

What they are looking for

Contingent upon your ranges of abilities, you can be anticipated to work in various ventures.

 characterize and shape MND's way of life and values, plan mediations, measure the effect of intercessions across time

Preferably with at least 5 years of experiences in Organizational Development related portfolio

· Excellent written, organizational and interpersonal skills

· Ability to facilitate discussions and communicate ideas

· Enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic and proactive

· Agile and able to adjust when facing ambiguity and uncertainty

· Experience in driving change management initiatives and designing effective pulse surveys would be an advantage

· Able to work effectively independently and in teams

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