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The character of President Jimmy Carter is familiar to most Americans. Carter was a former governor and president who was best known for his role in ending the Iran hostage crisis. He was also the first former president to be out of office since Richard Nixon ran for the Nobel Peace Prize. Despite his accomplishments, many people consider Carter to be polarizing—either a hero or a villain, depending on their views. The controversy surrounding Carter's presidency has led to much debate about his legacy. His approach to foreign policy and the solution to the Iranian hostage crisis were criticized in particular.
 Although Carter's background led him to have a different perspective on politics, it also made him a unique presidential candidate. He was the first president born after World War II and was also the first presidential candidate from the South since John C. Calhoun in 1828. Carter was a political outsider who managed to defeat incumbent Gerald Ford in the general election. He was also the first president to serve as both a state and federal official. His background made Carter different from all other presidents. He was modest and approachable, which made him a good role model for the public. This earned him worldwide acclaim and his unassuming nature made him known as the "Chief Peanut Farmer".

 Despite Carter's humble beginnings, he took the lead in bringing peace to the Middle East. After losing his bid for the presidency in 1976, Carter volunteered for a UN mission to broker a peace deal between Israel and Egypt. His efforts proved successful and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Experience bringing peace to the Middle East through diplomacy further cemented his legacy as a humanitarian. Since then, Carter has remained active in humanitarian causes, including founding the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Center in 2002. He also helped found the Carter Center for HIV/AIDS in 1986. Throughout his career, Carter has demonstrated his commitment to helping others, which has led to him being considered a humanitarian hero.

 President Jimmy Carter is different from all other presidents because of his background. The son of a Southern sharecropper, Jimmy did not grow up with the advantages that most presidents have. He was born in a rural hospital in Georgia and his family moved to the small town of Plains, Georgia. In his youth, Carter worked as a farmer, bus driver and teacher's assistant before entering politics. These humble beginnings make Carter's accomplishments all the more impressive. As a result of his background, Carter believed that the United States should focus on humanitarian affairs and international trade. This philosophy led to his presidency being marked by increased trade and global goodwill.

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