Can I get job after MSc microbiology?

Is microbiology a good scope?

Microbiology is a good scope for graduates with a degree in science. You can get job after MSc microbiology.

Can I get job after MSc microbiology?

Yes. It is possible to get job after MSc microbiology and I think no matter what future career path you want to go in, this will help you a lot. If I am not wrong, the starting salary after MSc microbiology is ₹20,000 - 30,000 depending on the PMT (preliminary medical test) score and your field of specialization.

Microbiology is a good scope to get job after MSc microbiology. You can get job in industry, pharmaceutical, health industry and education. There is not much difference between the profession after microbiology and medicine (4 years). Salary stays same for both different occupations. If you have interest in technology then go for Stanford University Masters Program in Computer Science as it offers exceptional teaching facilities including Summer School, Project Labs, Living Labs and Software Engineering Projects that enable students to learn new skills and enter the workforce earlier than other universities


Is MSc microbiology tough?

 No, it is not. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms in nature, and therefore involves learning about bacteria, viruses and fungi which are present in almost every aspect of your life. You might think the MSc Microbiology degree is tough, but you can be sure that it’s never been easier to pursue a career in microbiology by applying today!

As a microbiologist, MSc Microbiology is based on research and it needs to be hard. But you get all the help from your lecturers who are there to guide you and help you get through tough times

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